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We provide a wide range of property maintenance and repair services to both residential and commercial clients. Almost all repairs from small to large jobs are undertaken including roofing, siding, gutters, painting, drywall, plumbing, window cleaning, lawn care, snow removal, junk removal and more.


If your roof is leaking, it should be repaired immediately. A leaky roof is more than an inconvenience. It can cause water damage to your property which may be very expensive to repair. We will stop the leak and inspect the surrounding area for water damage.


It’s important gutters are correctly installed and regularly maintained so they effectively divert rain water away from you property. Gutters that are blocked with leaves or other debris can cause water to run down the side of the property causing mineral staining or even mold. In addition to cleaning your gutters, we can repair or replace them. To help reduce future maintenance, we can install gutter guards and waterproofing to both gutters and downspouts.


Accidents happen and sometimes that means holes, cracks or dents in your drywall. We can patch the holes, fill the cracks, repair the dents and match the textured finish. We can also paint the repaired area to complete the job. Sometimes the damaged area is beyond repair. In this situation we can replace the entire drywall section.

Window Cleaning

We clean interior and exterior glass as well as screens, sills and frames for both residential and commercial clients. We provide three different types of window cleaning service. Normal. Intermediate. Advanced. Generally, we recommend the advanced service for windows that are very dirty or have problems draining. The intermediate service if your windows haven’t been cleaned for several months and the normal service for monthly maintenance.

Snow Removal

We remove snow from residential driveways, sidewalks and steps. We use walk behind snowblowers and snow shovels with plastic blades which greatly reduces the risk of property damage. Once the snow is removed, we can apply a professional grade ice melt product, effective in extreme cold (-16ºF), to provide traction for vehicles and help prevent accidental falls.


Not only does damaged siding detract from the appearance of your property, it can also give water or insects a point to enter and cause future problems. We work with all kinds of siding including fiber cement, wood and vinyl. Whether the damage to your siding was caused by bad weather, vandalism or just general wear and tear, we can repair or replace it.


Whether you’d like to increase the market value of your home or would just like a change of color, a fresh coat of paint is not only a great way to renew the look of a property but is also a wise investment. In addition to both interior and exterior house painting, we can fix paint problems, resurface decks and paint commercial properties. To give longer lasting and better looking results, we only use professional quality paints and stains.


Plumbing problems are inevitable. From a dripping faucet or clogged shower drain to a burst pipe or flooded basement, at some point almost all properties will require some kind of plumbing repair work. We can stop drips and leaks, unclog drains and pipes, and repair fixtures and fittings. We can also replace faucets, shower heads, tubs, sinks, toilets and more.

Lawn Care

In addition to mowing, edging and trimming your lawn, we can fertilize it and provide insect and weed control. We can also dethatch, aerate and reseed your lawn as well as provide ongoing maintenance on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis.

Junk Removal

When items are too bulky or there is just too much to put into the regular garbage, we can help. We can take almost any junk from a property and try to recycle as much as possible as well as donating items to local charities. We use large dump trailers and trucks and complete many junk removal jobs in one day.

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Renovating properties is not only a great way to update the appearance but also a proven way to add value. We provide renovation services for your entire property including kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling and deck resurfacing.


Breathe new life into your kitchen with a complete remodel. We can paint, install new cabinets and countertops, plumb in the fixtures and add the finishing touches. Replacing an outdated kitchen is also the best way to add value to your home.


Having to endure seasonal extremes of temperature as well as heavy rain, hail, snow and wind, a deck can easily fall into disrepair. To prepare a deck for stain we clean or sand it. Contrary to popular belief, a high pressure washer should never be used. This will drive water deep into the wood and can cause serious surface damage. Once cleaned, we apply professional quality stain/sealant which has superior penetrative qualities to provide a long lasting, hard wearing and great looking finish.


Update your old fashioned bathroom to make it more spacious and aesthetically pleasing. A complete bathroom remodel is a great way to add value to your home. We can install tubs, showers, basins and toilets as well as paint, tile and update faucets and fixtures.

Sale/Rent Preparation

In order to sell or rent a property for the best price, it should appeal to as many people as possible. We can clean the entire house including kitchen cabinets and appliances, bathroom tubs, sinks and closets. We can clean walls, windows, switch plates, curtains, blinds and furniture. We can vacuum and shampoo the carpets, clean tile and linoleum, paint both the interior and exterior, ensure all switches, outlets, lights and fans are functional and make all repairs necessary to make the property looks its best.